My full government name is Marcellus Antonio Coleman.

I was born in and spent the first year of my life in Everett, Washington. We (my two beautiful parents, my three brothers and me) moved and grew in California. It is here that I grew in charisma, ministry and musicianship. In California I went to a performance arts school, traveled with and directed choirs and worship teams, got a chance to be a part of music projects/recordings, and be a part of an internship that flipped what I knew about leadership UPSIDE DOWN. I was blessed to be a part of multi-cultural ministries that pushed me to learn how to communicate to people that did and did not look like me as well as stretched my creativity to not be locked into a specific genre or expression. Further stretching ensued when I moved from my family in California to the unknown that awaited in Oklahoma. 

I'm now in Norman, OK and surrounded by a beautiful church community called Victory Family Church with whom I get to write and lead worship with. I also became connected to a diverse, eclectic and talented community of artists, musicians, worship leaders, pastors, influencers, entrepreneurs, and supporters that I get to truly call friends. 

My WHY is to build community through music, but I was not able to come to that conclusion without GOD, community, and submitting to process.