We Tell Stories builds and brings community together through creative storytelling.

4TH SATURDAYS // 2515 NW 16th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73107


My heart behind this is to be a resource to storytellers in OKC. I want to be another venue and opportunity for the creatives in our community to have excellent content and a platform to reach more people (and do that excellently). I want to do things that others have done and have not done for me, so they can go farther than I did by the time they get to my age. I even want to reawaken the older artists and challenge their view of “excellence.” We’re all better together.


1 - We Tell Stories is a community of storytellers that share their stories through love, creativity and excellence.

2 - We Tell Stories is an experience that will serve its patrons well by starting on time and ending at an appropriate time.

3 - We Tell Stories is a place of love and safety and will not tolerate hate or vulgarity.

The Live Experience

We Tell Stories the live experience is the full blown show that people experience every fourth Saturday evening. Though it is a show, I want to make sure that patrons feel like it’s a high quality and intimate experience. This will also be recorded live and released episodically. Here’s some inspirations of what I’m looking for.

NPR Tiny Desk is my main and go to inspiration for the next phase of We Tell Stories both as a live experience as well as video content. I enjoy how 100% (very rarely do they show the audience) the camera is on the artist and the performance.

I love the event (I would encourage you to see more of Issa Rae’s stuff). But I love how there is a full video recording of this event but is only available to patrons (people who donate monthly). I also love how Jazmine took a minute to explain the song, etc. I want the artists to have the freedom to do that.

Web Content

One thing that I believe has been lacking (and always has been lacking) was consistent content from WTS. As well as RECAP videos and audience testimonials/artist shout outs I really want to put exclusive web/social media content. Here’s a lot of my inspirations.

Don’t let the thumbnail scare you off Lol. I highly encourage you to see this (and even the interview that is a separate video, it’s genius and heartfelt. This is what telling stories all about).

This feels like The Basement in OKC (the venue that we’re in). I think we can record web content in the same venue as well as go different places (in early morning on a roof or parking lot or etc)

…but without the interview.

The Podcast

There will also be an accompanying podcast that goes along with We Tell Stories. I believe that we can record it (and sooner than later in a high quality) a video interview where WTS talks to local artists, creators, etc. to tell their stories. I think Heady does an amazing job at this, and it’s something that I wished “Inside The 405” did but DIDN’T.

I love how simple the set up looks and how warm everything feels. Two people talking across from each other with a mic in their face. Lol Good content here

The content here is MONEY. MOOOOONEEEEEEY. They talk to the artists and they break down the songs, from production to what they were talking about, etc.

Future content and experiences

I don’t want to lock WTS down to just poetry, singing and rap; I want to create experiences featuring choreography, art, and fashion. (Would love to do a high quality, well organized fashion show featuring talent in OKC i.e. Created.Apparel, GrpFly, etc.)


These videos are what inspire the look/feel of We Tell Stories.