CREATIVE WORSHIPER: a person who uses the art of creation to thoughtfully generate an atmosphere of excessive admiration for God.

My first memory of me really hearing music was reaching for my dad’s Mississippi Mass Choir “It Remains To Be Seen” CD, putting it correctly into his 5-Disc Changer, wearing his oversized headphones, wearing his sweater as a choir robe, and beating on luggage with hangers as drum sticks. My parents are ministers and music lovers.

As a lover of original gospel music, while being inspired and connected with his own God-given ability to sing, Marcellus Coleman (Mars) was born a protege and began leading and directing choirs at the very young age of ten years old. Surrounded by parents who listened to artists ranging from Walter Hawkins and the Winans to Earth, Wind & Fire and George Duke, he has always had a great appreciation for phenomenal singers. With support from his community in Palmdale, CA, Mars was exposed to so many thriving ministries and was eventually guided to his current resident in Oklahoma City, OK.

Gaining his musical influences from artists such as Yoko Kanno, Akino Arai, Michael League (Snarky Puppy), Kirk Franklin, Edwin Hawkins and Israel Houghton, Mars channeled this creativity into his own art form and began lending his talents as writer and performer on tunes such as “Rightly” and “Lift” from J. Lee The Producer’s album “Music Box”. Mars released his first single “Guide” in 2017. He created the “Sessions” podcast in 2018 and is currently writing music for local and regional artists within the music industry. As worship leader for five years at Victory Family Church, Mars is branching off into the area of music publishing and copyrighting to increase his knowledge and impact within the market. He is currently working on his freshman project set to release in 2019.








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