We Tell Stories builds and brings community together through creative storytelling.

4TH SATURDAYS // 2515 NW 16th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73107


1 - We Tell Stories is a community of storytellers that share their stories through love, creativity and excellence.

2 - We Tell Stories is an experience that will serve its patrons well by starting on time and ending at an appropriate time.

3 - We Tell Stories is a place of love and safety and will not tolerate hate or vulgarity.


5:30 soundcheck starts

please allot time for load in. due to the different needs of artists, we need to have at least an hour and a half for sound check so everyone is covered.

6:45 prayer

we’ll meet together in a circle in the “green room,” go over the OOE and then pray.

7:00 doors open/people arrive

people will start arriving, paying for their tickets and getting seated. we will have the WE TELL STORIES PLAYLIST playing in the background. periodically the emcee will greet people, remind them that we’ll get started “in a little bit” and encourage them to get comfortable. we can also remind them of event courtesy (they’ve been an amazing audience but doesn’t hurt to remind them).

7:15 show starts

each artist will have a time limit. we are flexible but please be within the time frame you are given, as well as be mindful of the artists coming up after you. the emcee will introduce each artist before they go up. please give him/her an extremely short bio.

9:00 show ends

this is a rough estimate but the show can go no later than 9:15. most of our audience has church in the morning so let’s (again) be mindful of time, and we would hate for the audience to leave before getting the full experience.


Host - Mars Coleman


Band Director - Ty Goldsmith

Fam (Tickets)

Fam (Photography)

Fam (Social Media)

Fam (Production - Sound)

Fam (Production - Set Up/Tear Down)

Featured Artist

Featured Artist

Featured Artist

Venue - Liam Bernhard